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Web Authoring tools

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Working with other authoring tools

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Microsoft Visual Studio can be used by advanced developers. Connection to your website differs if you are inside or outside CERN.


First step (only for users from OUTSIDE CERN)

You need to map the website folder as a drive. In order to do that, open Windows Explorer, click on "Tools" menu and select "Map network drive".



In the new window, select any letter as "Drive". For the folder, check in Web Services website for the URL listed as "WebDAV (from any OS)". It will have this pattern:

You will be asked for your CERN username and password, and your website will be saved into your computer. Afterwards, you can continue with the configuration of Visual Studio the same way as if you were at CERN. Keep reading this document.


Second step (all users)

Open Visual Studio, go to "File" menu and select "Open" and then "Web Site".

In the new menu, select on the left panel "File System", and select the folder where your site is stored:

  • From inside CERN: Select "dfs (\\" --> Websites --> (First letter of your site) --> Sitename
  • From outside CERN, select the Mapped network drive you created in the first step of this document.


If the access to the website is correct, you will see your files on the side and will be able to edit them.


If other authoring tools than Dreamweaver, FrontPage or Visual Studio are used, please refer to the Recommended authoring methods and the documentation of the authoring tool. However, the CERN Web Services cannot provide any support for these applications.



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