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Using SharePoint Designer 2007 at CERN

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: Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 will be discontinued soon, so we encourage users to start moving to
Microsoft Expression Web for authoring Centrally Hosted websites.


This document is an introduction to using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 on CERN's central web servers. Please refer to the advanced authoring documentation on the Web Services site as well as the program built-in help for detailed information.

The SharePoint Designer authoring tools are only supported on the central web servers, for sites of the category "Centrally hosted on DFS". If your site is of the type "Collaboration Workspace", you need to use SharePoint Designer 2010 to edit it.

Please check the properties of your web site using the web page to make sure that your site has SharePoint Designer 2007 as a supported authoring method.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 comes with Microsoft Office 2007. If Microsoft Office 2010 is installed in your computer and you need to edit a centrally hosted site, you will need to use Microsoft Expression Web 4 instead.

We strongly recommend that sites with multiple authors use the same authoring tool! The reason being that authoring tools add and use additional meta information stored in the site or as extra markup inside web pages. Using different tools on the same site can easily cause undesired side-effects.

Starting SharePoint Desinger

NICE users can start SharePoint Designer from the "Programs" menu.

If you are not using a NICE computer (e.g. Linux, Mac, or working from home) you can use the Remote Desktop Services to connect to the NICE environment and use SharePoint Designer. You need to input cernts as server in 'Web remote desktop central servers using Active X' or 'Generate a .rdp file to connect to a Server'.

Click on "All Programs", "Microsoft Office" and then open "Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007".


Opening your web site from inside CERN

Once SharePoint Designer has started, you should open your web site, for example

For that, go to "File" menu, click on "Open site" and select DFS.


Open "Websites" folder, then the first letter of your website ("d" in this case) and then your website folder.


Tip: Sharepoint Designer seems to freeze when I click "Open"

Sometimes, the authoring tool may seem to freeze when you try to open a web site. It is actually waiting for you to click on the Security Alert message box which is hidden by the main Sharepoint Designer window.
Solution: use the task bar to bring the hidden message box to the front.

Tip: How to remove the Security Alert?

For the Security Alert not to show up, the web site must be opened in Sharepoint Designer using the actual server name hosting your web site. The server name is visible in your web site's properties on
For instance, if the web site mysitename, use the URL in Sharepoint Designer. This will match the name on the digital certificate that proves the server identity and the alert will not show up anymore.
Note that the actual server name for your web site can change from time to time. Please refer to your web site's properties for the latest information.


The web site can only be authored by the people who have been explicitly given permissions to edit the site. Initially only the site's owner has those permissions and he/she is responsible for adding other authors.

If everything goes right, you will see your website files on the left panel. If you double-click on any of them, you will see the content in the main panel.


Modifying a web page created by a version of FrontPage prior to SharePoint Designer : in Sharepoint Designer, by default the "Style Application" is set as Auto. You have to set it as Manual, if you want to prevent any kind of troubles dealing with font size, style... To set the "Style Application" from Auto to Manual, double-click in your status bar (bottom) the Style Application and change it to Manual.


After you have succesfully opened a web site in SharePoint Designer, a shortcut is created in your My Network Places folder, so that you do not have to re-type the site's URL the next time you open Frontpage. My Network Places is the default folder opened by Frontpage when you click on the Open Site... menu item.


Opening your web site from outside CERN

From outside CERN, you need to import your website before editing it. For that, go to "File" menu, click on "Import " and select "Import site wizard".

You will be offered 5 options, you need to select "WebDav" and input the URL provided in "Manage this site" in WebServices website under "Supported authoring tools - Remote access (Sharepoint Designer or Dreamweaver)", as in this capture.


After clicking on "Next", you will be asked for your CERN username and password to retrieve the files. Then you will have to input a location in your local disk to save the data and click on "Finish" to get the content of the website.

Remember that after making any changes, you will have to upload them to the website again.

Editing or modifying documents

You can double-click any existing document and it will be either opened within FrontPage / Sharepoint Designer if it is a HTML document, or in the associated application otherwise (e.g. clicking a Word document will open it in Word).

In order to create a new document, select the folder where you want the new page to be located, then right-click on it and choose New Page.

Within the dedicated editor you can edit your text, insert pictures, tables and customize your page. For more information on how to format your document using the Sharepoint Designer editor, see the online product help (F1).

You can easily manage (delete, rename, move, create sub-folders etc) your documents by right clicking them or using drag and drop, as you would do in a normal explorer window.

In order to copy existing documents (html files, images...) into your web site, you can simply drag and drop the files from a Windows Explorer window.

FrontPage / Sharepoint Designer also provides the Import... option in the File menu. This is a very powerful feature that you can use to import any document into your web site, from any file location. It even allows you to completely copy an existing site into yours.

The File -> Publish Site menu option can be used to copy the content of your web site into another. This is typically used if you have two sites (a test/development site and a production site) and you want to copy the whole development site to the production site.


Defining who has author and browse access

In centrally hosted sites on DFS, permissions are not set directly on SharePoint Designer anymore. Please read the following document for more information: Configuring permissions on centrally hosted web sites on DFS (IIS 7)




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