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Web Authoring tools

Web Authoring tools

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Supported Authoring Tools

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CERN Web Services support the following Windows-based web authoring software.

  • Microsoft Expression Web 4.0 (a part of Microsoft Office 2010) is the default, recommended software on Windows 7 computersfor web site development of Centrally Hosted web sites. It is supported by the service desk and training is provided. In additon to some new advanced features it provides very similar functionality as Sharepoint Designer 2007. It is available from CMF, click on Add/Remove CMF Packages to install it.
    How to use Microsoft Expression Web 4.0: Using Microsoft Expression Web 4.0
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 (a part of Microsoft Office 2010) is the authoring tool recommended for Collaborative Workspaces. It does not work with Centrally Hosted sites.
    More information here: Working with collaborative workspaces.
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007 (a part of Microsoft Office 2007) is the default authoring tool for older computers running still Windows XP. How to use SharePoint Designer: Using SharePoint Designer 2007 
  • Dreamweaver can be installed from Add/Remove Programs on NICE computers. It connects to the web server using WebDAV or the file system. It cannot be used from outside CERN but is available on Windows Terminal Services.
    How to configure Dreamweaver: Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 at CERN
  • Microsoft Visual Studio can be used by advanced developers. Read how you can connect to your website: Working with other authoring tools.
  • Microsoft Frontpage 2003 is no longer supported at CERN, but if you still have it in your computer you can find information about how to use it with CERN websites here: Using Microsoft Frontpage 2003.

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