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Help Pages for CERN Web Services

Help Pages for CERN Web Services

Help Pages for CERN Web Services
General User Information
General information about WWW
Web site Management
Web Authoring
CERN Library Proxy
Shorten long URL

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Site Structure
General User Information
Getting Started
Web browsing at CERN
Searching the CERN
Glossary of Internet terms
Web Services changelog
General information about WWW
What is the Web ?
How the Web works
Web browsers
Security on the WWW
WWW standards and conformity
Glossary of WWW terms
Web site Management
Managing Web sites at CERN
What are the CERN Web-services ?
What is available at CERN?
What is Web authoring ?
Web site creation & management at CERN
Defining who can author the site
Naming rules
Statistics & Logs
Piwik web statistics
Defining website moderators
Configuring Central Hosted Sites (IIS 7)
Configuring permissions and access on centrally hosted web sites on DFS (IIS 7)
About Folder attributes
About Error Handling Documents
Default allowed extensions
Default pages
Authentication methods with Single Sign-On
Accessing files - Add a MIME type
Configuring Central Hosted Sites
Configuring permissions on centrally hosted web sites
About Folder attributes
About Error Handling Documents
About Protected Parameters
Configuring AFS Sites
Permissions for your AFS folder
CGI execution flag for AFS web sites
Access control for AFS web sites
Directory Browsing for AFS sites
Working With Collaboration Workspaces
Getting started with SharePoint
Date and time formats
Copying content between workspaces
SharePoint help and training
Web content management (CMS)
Enabling lists to receive e-mail
Collaboration Workspaces 2013
SkyDrive Pro
Migration to IIS 7
Changes after migration
Access to files
Permission management
Web Authoring
Overview of Web Authoring At CERN
Web Authoring Introduction
Editing Web Sites at CERN
Using Hyperlink URLs
Recommended authoring methods
Secure Authoring
FTP deprecated
Web Authoring tools
Supported Authoring Tools
Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 at CERN
Using Microsoft Expression Web 4.0 at CERN
Using SharePoint Designer 2007 at CERN
Using Microsoft FrontPage 2003 at CERN (Unsupported)
Working with other authoring tools
Using SharePoint Designer 2010 at CERN
Work with Templates
What are templates
Using DWT with FrontPage 2003
Dynamic Web content
Available technologies
Scripting Security
CGI (AFS-sites)
Using Web Forms
Database Connectivity
Managing users, Access control
Django Framework
Advanced Authoring
Shared Authoring
Version control
Secure storage
Integrate CERN Search
Redirection to a single page
CERN Library Proxy
CERN Library Proxy Service
Browser Configuration
CERN Library Proxy - Configuration of Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10
CERN Library Proxy Service - Configuration for Firefox
CERN Library Proxy - Configuration of Safari in Mac OSX
CERN Library Proxy - Configuration in iOS
CERN Library Proxy - Configuration in Android
Shorten long URL
Shorten long URL management

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