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Beam commissioning started on 1 November 2012

Responsible EA physicist: Lau Gatignon: 163554

Primary proton beam transport from T4 to the T10 target.

Beam file: P42A.001 for 400 GeV/c

TAX1 : -77 mm, i.e. 10 mm diameter hole, medium range.
TAX2: +58 mm (4 mm diameter hole) or +21 mm (14 mm diameter hole), medium range.
Please do not change range without consulting Lau Gatignon.

P0-SURVEY is active. In case certain magnet currents or references are out of survey tolerance, TAX1 will be closed.
If this happens, fix the magnet current, Reset all alarms in the P0Survey dump control. When all alarms have
disappeared you may open the P42-TAX1 to its BeamRef (Be careful - do not touch K12 TAX!).
Do nor disable P0-Survey channels without consulting Lau Gatignon.

Important Never move P62 TAX away from dump position.

As long as these ranges are respected, the intensity is far below 10% of nominal NA62 needs (< 1e11 ppp).
Therefore no strong dependence on ventilation status.

Please wait 15 minutes between beam stop and access to ECN3.
Access to TCC8 requires RP permission and a flush of 1 hou (ask TI operator).

A very preliminary instruction leaflet for the users is available at