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    • How to manage notifications?

        With this setting you can configure in what cases you want to receive notifications. You can receive an e-mail message when you miss a phone call. You have also the possibility of setting up text messaging notifications when you miss a phone call or receive a voice message.
        To configure these options we have to follow the next steps:

        • Access Outlook Web Access through the site
        • Click on “Options” at the top right of the screen and in the drop down menu select “See all options…”
        • Select “Phone” on the left margin and then “Voice mail”.
        • There is a section called “Notifications”. Here you can set up the options commented above.


      Published date: 2012-03-29 11:05:34 | Link to this FAQ
    • How to access your e-mails using voice mail

      Through the voice mailbox, we have the option of managing the emails of our mailbox. If we call the voice mailbox, by dialing (+412276)71111, we can access to our emails by saying “email”. Saying this, we will access to our Inbox folder, and the answering machine will start reading our emails to us.


      Published date: 2012-03-29 11:05:34 | Link to this FAQ
    • Reset my PIN

      You can reset your PIN from OWA: -> Options -> See all options -> Phone -> Voice Mail -> Reset PIN

      Published date: 2013-07-02 17:39:39 | Link to this FAQ