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    • What happens when my machine is switched off

      When Lync application is not available then by default incoming calls are redirected to voice mail. You can configure where unanswered calls are redirected in: Options -> Call forwarding -> Unanswered calls will go to.

      Published date: 2012-06-14 13:56:55 | Link to this FAQ
    • Can I use the old codes to forward, transfer, supervise... calls?

      Forwarding on Lync can be done directly form the interface (see below), supervising calls (initiating a phone call from a phone that is not your phone) is not supported on Lync. At the same time if you install Lync on laptop then you can make a phone call from any place where you have a network.


      Published date: 2013-02-05 08:38:13 | Link to this FAQ
    • How can I call Geneva, Switzerland or another country

      To call Switzerland, for example Geneva region "022<phone number>"
      To call another country, for example France: "+33<phone number>", or "0033<phone number>"

      Published date: 2013-02-06 14:55:52 | Link to this FAQ
    • Lync doesn't ring when receiving incoming call

      Check if a ringtone is selected for incoming calls. If a ringtone is set to "None" then no sound will be played on incorming call. The property can be set in: Tools -> Options -> Ringtones and Sounds -> Calls to: My work number Published date: 2012-05-04 13:54:48 | Link to this FAQ
    • Who can see my presence

      Only people who are in your contact list can see your presence. If you would like to see presence of other people then asked them to add you to their contact list.   Published date: 2012-05-22 16:52:44 | Link to this FAQ
    • Can I make external calls from another phone?

      Standard phones provide possibility to make external calls from another phone by specifying persnoal PIN (cf. phone system help page). Lync is considered as the portable solution so this functionality was not included.

      Published date: 2012-06-14 14:54:37 | Link to this FAQ
    • Can I use several audio devices with Lync

      Yes, you can connect to your computer several audio devices and then configure in Options which one to use with Lync. In addition during a phone call it's possible to change the device to another, click "Change Device" in a pop-up window of the phone call. It's sometimes useful to switch to a headset to have hands free.   Published date: 2012-06-21 10:58:36 | Link to this FAQ
    • How to initiate a call using Polycom CX300

      In order to initiate a call using the dialpad of our Polycom CX300, we have to, first, dial the number or extension where we want to call, and then we can either pick up the phone or press the button with a small speaker icon.


      Published date: 2013-05-13 09:59:19 | Link to this FAQ
    • Polycom CX300 with docking station stops working

      If you are using a docking station with your laptop and you want to plug the Polycom CX300 to it, you must be careful to which USB port you plug it.
      Usually docking stations bring few USB ports, but not all of them are self-powered, which are the ones where the device should be plugged. You will be able to recognize these ports because they have an icon like this on them:  (The important thing is the small sign "+")

      Published date: 2012-10-17 16:58:10 | Link to this FAQ
    • What does "Outage" status means?

      The outage status is shown in the client when the connection can not be established with the database. This status is shown as follows:


      While your client is on this situation you will have some limitations when using it:
      - Your contact list will be unavailable but you will be able to search for people, initiate instant messages and make calls.
      - The calls forwarding features may not work correctly.
      - You will not be able to profit from getting the availability of your contacts.

      Published date: 2013-02-25 17:05:33 | Link to this FAQ
    • How can I change settings on my voice mailbox

      Call (+412276)71111 to access your voice mailbox (change greetings, check messages etc.)

      If you don't remember PIN to your voice mailbox then reset it using OWA. Go to -> Options -> See All options -> Phone -> Voice Mail -> Reset my voice PIN. You will receive a temporary PIN (6 numbers) that has to be changed during the next access.

      In Lync on Windows quickly access your voice mail from "Voice Mail" menu


      Published date: 2013-02-05 12:48:59 | Link to this FAQ
    • Can I use WiFi to make phone calls

      Wired network provides more reliability so we recommend to use the wired connections. If you are using Wifi network that has poor signal there can be some problems with the quality of the call or even with call disconnetions. If you experience a problem with CERN network (wired or Wifi) then please contact


      Published date: 2013-05-28 14:31:53 | Link to this FAQ
    • How to manage contacts

      There are two types of contacts

      • Frequent Contacts: based in your activity (instant messaging, calls, etc.) Lync builds dynamically the list 
      • Contacs manually added by you; by default people don't see your status adding manually a contact means that you allow him/her to see your status

      "Frequent contacts" changes dynamically so if you have contacts that should be at the top of the list then mark them "PIN to frequent contacts".

      To add a contact:

      • search Lync address book (Lync searches in CERN Address Book + your contacts on CERN Mail system)
      • right click and choose "Add contact". 

      You can choose how to sort them: by Groups, by Status, or by Relationship (not yet available on OSX and iOS).

      For each contact you can define "Privacy Relationship" - right click on the contact and specify the assignment. It's useful to mark people in your team as "Workgroup", then you can sort your contact by "Relationship" and moreover people in "Workgroup" are able to bypass "Do not disturb mode".


      Published date: 2013-06-06 11:34:17 | Link to this FAQ
    • How to add a picture

      If you want to have your picture visible in Lync but also in other applications like Outlook then please contact Your picture from your CERN card will be uploaded to e-mail and Lync system.

      You can also upload your picture in Options of Lync, but the picture will be visible only by people who can see your status, and moreover the picture will not be visible in Outlook.

      Published date: 2013-06-23 10:42:28 | Link to this FAQ
    • Reset my voice mailbox PIN

      You can reset your PIN from OWA: -> Options -> See all options -> Phone -> Voice Mail -> Reest PIN Published date: 2013-07-02 17:44:25 | Link to this FAQ
    • Activation Voice Mail Preview in text

      When you receive a voice mail, besides receiving an email with the audio file of the message, you have also the possibility of having an automatic transcription of the message to a text format.
      Note that sometimes the transcripted text may differ from the original voice message due to the accent of the caller, background noise...
      If you decide to activate it, please contact Published date: 2013-07-09 10:32:35 | Link to this FAQ