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Quota, recovery and miscellaneous

Quota, recovery and miscellaneous

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Remote wipe on a mobile device

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Note:   This procedure can delete data on your mobile device, do not apply if not needed.

CERN mail system provides a functionality to remotely wipe a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android etc). The process will likely delete all data, pictures, music, exchange data, appliction etc, from the device and revert it to the factory settings. The actual behaviour depends on an implementation on each device. The feature is useful in case a mobile device is stolen.

To remotely wipe your mobile device: go to, click Options -> See All Options -> Phone -> Mobile Phones.
From the list of devices choose a device that you would like to wipe and click "Wipe Device". When the mobile device will try to synchronize with your mailbox, then the wiping process will be initiated and the device will be wiped.
Once the wiping process is finished, the owner of the mailbox receives an email with a confirmation about wiping.