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Getting Started

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Getting started with your mail

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Getting started with your mail

To connect to the mail server, you must have a Mailbox on MMM Services.

A Mailbox is normally created in the following two possible situations:
  • You requested it.
  • You are a new user of the CERN computer centre facilities and a MMM Mailbox was created for you with another account.

    Once done you must choose a program to read and send e-mail messages called a mail client program and you must learn how to use it.

    Do I have a Mailbox?

    Go to the web page: -> "Manage accounts". Click on "Details" of your primary account -> "Applications and Resources" -> "Manage" on "Mail services"
  • On the page you can cerify if you have a mailbox and what are your CERN email addresses. 

    Obtaining a Mailbox

    If you do not have a Mailbox you can create one by clicking on "Create CERN mailbox" in "Account Tasks" on  

    Mailbox deletion

    Your mail account will remain active as long as you have an active affiliation with CERN.
    When you leave CERN your CERN account will be blocked and then after 6 months will be deleted. If an external email address was specified for the account (on then the email routing for CERN email addresses will continue to work (messages will be forward to the external email address).