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Manual Configuration

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This manual configuration should be used only by people using machine which ARE NOT member of the CERN Windows domain.

Configuration for users with a mailbox on Exchange 2003 (version of the Exchange server can be checked on this site).  

  1. Close Outlook 2010 and click on the Windows button
  2. Then click on Control Panel
  •  In the Control Panel, click on User Accounts
  •  Then click on Mail to display the Mail Setup panel
  •  Click on the Show Profiles button to edit your profile
  •  Select the profile My Profile on MMM
  • Click on Remove to delete it
  1.  Click on the Add... button to create a new profile
  2. Give it a name, ie: My New Profile on MMM
  3. valid your change by clicking on OK
  1. On the Add New Account tab, click on Manually configure server settings or ...
  2. Click on Next
  1.  Click on the Microsoft Exchange or compatible service setting to create oa new mail account of this kind.
  2. Click on Next


  1. Type in Microsoft Exchange Server field
  2. Check Use Cached Exchange Mode if you want to keep a local copy of your mails. (Not recommended for weak/old computers)
  3. Type your mail login in User Name field (usually, your mail login is the same as your Nice login) and DO NOT click Check Name button
  4. Click on More Settings...


  1. Open the Connection tab
  2. Select Connect using my Local Area Network (LAN)
  3. Select Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP
  4. Click Exchange Proxy Settings...


Double check that in "Security" tab an option "Encrypt data between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange" is NOT selected.


  1. Type in in URL field.
  2. Check Connect using SSL only
  3. Check On slow networks, connect using HTTP first...
  4. Select 'NTLM Authentication' 
  5. then click Ok and confirm all your changes by clicking Ok -> Ok -> Next -> Finish
  • Run Outlook 2010
  • Select the newly created profile.
  • If you always want to use this new profile, check Set as default profile.


Configuration for users with a mailbox on Exchange 2010

Follow instructions to configure Outlook automatically, click here