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Accessing Your Mailbox

Accessing Your Mailbox

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Accessing Your Mailbox
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Mail Clients Configuration Connection parameters summary

Mail Clients Configuration

Select your mail client above to read detailed instructions about its configuration.

Connection parameters summary

If we provide no detailed instructions for your mail client, you can do the configuration on your own using the following information:

Service Server name Port Secure option Remarks
(incoming mail) 993 SSL Use your CERN account and password
(incoming mail) 995 SSL

Use your CERN account and password.
It is highly recommended to configure your mail client to leave messages on server until you delete them.

(outgoing mail) 587 TLS

Use your CERN account and password.
The sender address must be your CERN e-mail address (more info).

(address book) 636 SSL

Use value for Base DN: o=cern,c=ch
Make sure to configure authentication so that the address book works from outside CERN. Specify your CERN account name using the following syntax (setting Bind DN): cn=your-cern-account,ou=users,o=cern,c=ch

(Smartphone with Microsoft Exchange synchronization:
iPhone, Android, Windows mobile...)  443 HTTPS

Use your CERN account and password. If asked for a domain, use value: CERN

Please refer to the device's documentation for detailed instructions (the helpdesk will not offer support for individual device configuration).
Windows Mobile 6: an update is required. Click here for more info.