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OWA (webmail)

OWA (webmail)

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The Contacts folder is your e-mail address book and information storage for the people and businesses you want to communicate with. Use the Contacts folder to store the e-mail address, street address, multiple phone numbers, and any other information that relates to the contact, such as a birthday or anniversary date.

From a contact in your contact list, you can click a button or menu command to address a meeting request or e-mail message to the contact.

When you enter a name or address for a contact, Outlook Web Access separates the name or address into parts and puts each part in a separate field. You can sort, group, or filter contacts by any part of the name or any part of the address you want.

You can file contact information under a last name, first name, company name, nickname, or any word that helps you find the contact quickly.

You can enter up to three addresses for each contact. Designate one address as the mailing address, and use it for mailing labels, envelopes, or for creating mail merge letters.

To open your contacts, just click on "Contacts" in Quick Access Buttons.