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Welcome to the e-learning course on using PAT!

Start with prerequisite exercises which are linked in this page and are
mandatory if you have little or no knowledge on CMSSW and highly recommended
to everyone. If you are already familiar with CMSSW you can select the exercises
which you find useful.

Before starting the PAT course,  you are required to submit an answer to
the questions marked on red on the prerequisite exercise page.
You do not have to answer all questions at once, you can update the submission
form as you are working through the exercises.

With these exercises you will get the basic knowledge on CMSSW and
on many useful tools needed  in order to write your analyzer code.
You will need these  skills in the PAT tutorial.

The prerequisite exercises are available in
In case of problems you can send your questions in the discussion forum
and you can join the EVO discussion sessions.

When done, proceed to the PAT Tutorial. The material will be updated
and tested on December 5.

More information:

These links will help you to get an overview of the background information that you may
find useful during the PAT Tutorial exercises.
You can already get used to some PAT specific expressions that will be used commonly.