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May 2015

Postdoctoral position at PSI
PSI  Postdoctoral Fellow.pdfPSI Postdoctoral Fellow.pdf

April 2015

Postdoc at CEA Saclay for the FCC project (CERN study)
Contact either or 
English version follows the French version.

March 2015

University of Liverpool
PhD vacancies in the QUASAR group
PhD vacancies

Authorea travel grant for graduate students and postdoc:
Travel grant to Baltimore

PSI Internship position
Engineer position at SESAME on Personal Safety System

Thèse CEA/IRFU Saclay sur les accélérateurs Laser Plasma
Thèse Laser Plasma

Proposition de stage INSTN Saclay
Etude de l'accélération des électrons par des ondes plasma excitées par sillage laser (ref.: 4441288)
Stage 3 mois

Engineer position at Bergoz Instrumentation
February 2015

Postdoctoral Fellowship at ERSF Grenoble
Studies on the emittance measurement procedure for SwissFEL (3 months internship at PSI)

Engineer position in Paris at LCPMR (Laboratoire de Chimie Physique-
Matière et Rayonnement),
January 2015

PhD proposal at Crockcroft and SOLEIL
PhD at CI_Soleil.pdfPhD at CI_Soleil.pdf

Position open at Crockcroft Institute
Position at Crockcroft Institute.pdfPosition at Crockcroft Institute.pdf

Studentship at STFC and ASTeC
Studentship at STFC_ASTeC.pdfStudentship at STFC_ASTeC.pdf
PhD proposal at GANIL
Master 2 GANIL
The LPSC (Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie) at University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France, proposes a Master2 Training startin in March-April 2015.

The Laboratory for High Energy Physics (LHEP) and Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental
Physics (AEC) at the University of Bern propose a PhD student position in medical applications of particle physics
PhD proposal at Grenoble - Julich
JUNE 2014

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Experimental Nuclear/Particle Physics
Stony Brook University
Postdoctoral Research Associate.pdfPostdoctoral Research Associate.pdf

PSI - junior post doctoral researcher for a 2 year fellowship in the area of particle accelerator sciences

Thèse à Grenoble (UJF et LPSC) et à Julich (IKP)
MAY 2014
2 Researcher positions in Accelerator Physics at Oslo University (Norway)
3 Positions at Szeged (Hungary) 

1 Position for 3-years for Accelerator Physicist at DESY (Hamburg)
1 Position for 3-years for Accelerator Physicist at IPNO (Orsay):
2 Post-Doc at SOLEIL (France):
APRIL 2014
MARCH 2014
Open position at GANIL - France

Open position for a PhD at CEA - Saclay  (France)


Open position for a Post Doc at LAL - Orsay - (France)
Proposition de thèse au LAL - Orsay (France)
Open position for a 3 year post-doctoral contract at LAL, Orsay (France)
CDD en Physique des Accélérateurs au LAL - Orsay
Open position for a PhD at PSI, Villigen (Switzerland)

PSI - PhD Student.pdfPSI - PhD Student.pdf

Open position for an Internship on ARRONAX machine - Nantes - France

Open position at CEA Saclay France for a mechanical engineer
Link to apply: :, référence DSM-IRFU-LCAP-20130916.
Open position at CEA Saclay France for a engineer (Vacuum and Material science)

JULY 2013
Open positions at CERN
PhD position at University La Sapienza - Roma - Italy
Three years full time postgraduate with fellowship

JUIN 2013 
1) Accelerator scientist post at DESY - Hamburg
2) Senior scientist post at DESY - Hamburg
3) Fellowships at Fermilab (Chicago)
Fermilab is launching a program of Intensity Frontier Fellowships. The purpose of these Fellowships is to provide partial financial support for faculty level scientists and postdocs to participate in research at Fermilab in support of the Intensity Frontier.
Details of the program are available here:
Robert K Plunkett <>
4) Ingénieur en développement et exploitation d'accélérateurs au LPSC - Grenoble - France
March 2013
1) Experimental Particle Physicist
Closing date: 10 Apr 2013

2) Engineers at Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP)

3) Senior Researchers at Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP)

4) Research Associate positions

5) MSc Physics with Nanotechnology

6) MSc in Biophysical Sciences
Closing date: 1 Jul 2013

7) Lecturer in Space Physics
£35,244 to £44,607. Closing date: 12 May 2013

8) Postdoctoral Research Associates - Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) Experiment

9) Accelerator Operation Technical Engineer

10) Accelerator Operation Technician

11) Study Photonics at the Optoelectronics Research Centre up to £18,000.
February 2013

Proposal for an Intership at Brookhaven (new York)
January 2013
1) oPAC Newsletter includes many proposals
2) proposals from Traineeship and for PhD at Orsay
December 2012
1) Post proposed by CNRS (France):
2) Post proposed by LPSC (Grenoble):
January 2012
CERN posts:
. OPAC: FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (European Project:
. list of jobs from oPAC
. Poster for oPAC: oPAC vacancies poster.pdfoPAC vacancies poster.pdf
December 2011

         .  BERGOZ Instrumentation: