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It was to meet the Europe-wide demand for a foundation course on accelerator physics and associated technologies that JUAS was created in 1994 under the patronage of CERN the European Organization for Nuclear Research and a European network of 4 Universities. Today JUAS includes 15 partners European Universities and offers an intensive programme for students and modular courses for professionals. The two five-week courses taught by Europe's accelerator specialists are:  

I. Sciences & Physics of Particle Accelerators


II. Technology & Applications of Particle Accelerators


The school is organised by European Scientific Institute with the support of 15 major European Universities and CERN : 


The School is sponsored by major European Laboratories and Institutes :  CERNCEA, CNRS-IN2P3, CPAN (Spain), DESY, DIAMOND, ESRF, ESS Lund, EuCARd2, GANIL, GSI, HIC for FAIR, HZB, INFN, KIT, oPAC, PSI, SOLEIL,

by private companies: COMPUTER CONTROLS, FRIATEC,
and by
BERGOZ Instrumentation

A Nordic Summer school will take place at Lund university in Summer 2015
Registrations are closed

Link to Lund summer school