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It was to meet the Europe-wide demand for a foundation course on accelerator physics and associated technologies that JUAS was created in 1994 under the patronage of CERN the European Organization for Nuclear Research and a European network of 4 Universities. Today JUAS includes 15 partners European Universities and offers an intensive programme for students and modular courses for professionals. The two five-week courses taught by Europe's accelerator specialists are:  

I. Sciences & Physics of Particle Accelerators


II. Technology & Applications of Particle Accelerators


The school is organised by European Scientific Institute with the support of 15 major European Universities and CERN : 


The School is sponsored by major European Laboratories and Institutes :  CERNCEA, CNRS-IN2P3, CPAN (Spain), DESYESRF, GSI, HIC for FAIR, HZB, INFN, KIT, oPAC, PSI, SOLEIL, COMPUTER CONTROLS, FRIATEC, DIAMOND, ESS LUND
and by
BERGOZ Instrumentation

A Nordic Summer school will take place at Lund university in Summer 2015
Registration in open until 30th May 2015

Link to Lund summer school


poster JUAS 2015.pdfposter JUAS 2015.pdf

brochure JUAS 20 ans.pdfbrochure JUAS 20 ans.pdf

 Applications for JUAS 2015 are now open !

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