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 The IT-OIS Group


We support 3 operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and a range of services for information exchange, personal and group communications, collaborative work, certification, authentication, all based on the Web and the Internet.

Operating Systems services For providing users with a consistent and managed operating system environment  (Windows, Linux, MacOS), for offering to users and groups file space where they can store and/or share data. We also manage CERN Windows Terminal Services for remote interactive sessions.
Messaging services To facilitate asynchronous people-to-people communications: e-mail, distribution lists, calendaring, instant messaging and e-mail to FAX gateway.
Web services For providing users with a consistent environment for authoring and managing Web sites and SharePoint forums, producing transaction applications based on web forms, accessing data bases; also for exploring, searching and interacting with Web sites.
Windows application services For selecting, configuring, maintaining, and distributing over the network a range of applications including office automation tools and anti-virus protection.
CERN certification services For providing digital certificates to CERN users and CERN hosts for enabling them to prove their identity when needed (i.e. for authenticating on Grid services).
CERN authentication services For providing a Single-Sign-On solution for CERN Web based applications and Kerberos authentication for Windows, Linux, AFS and batch systems.

We design, install and operate an infrastructure of centrally managed servers needed for supporting the above mentioned services and ensure the appropriate security, authentication methods and user registration tools. We also manage a hosting service for physical and virtual servers.

In addition, Identity related services such as LDAP enabled Directory services, group management tools and phone directory synchronization tools are provided.
We also manage CERN central printing infrastructure.

The Operating systems and Internet Services group holds Technical Meetings where technologies are discussed and service improvements are proposed.


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