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IT Department Facts and FAQs


IT figures: IT Relevant Numbers

This was a draft site for prototyping.
It is no longer maintained, and will be replaced soon by the production system.  The information is therefore stale, but perhaps still useful...
 Service/Activity Short Description
 Relevant Number
Disk and Tape
 Provide storage capabilities
1500 disk servers, 5 PB disk space, 16 PB tape storage
 Network Campus  Provide local CERN area network service  The Network core has a capacity of 4.8 Tbps.
The total number of network ports is: 
>1000 10 Gigabit ports and >70000 Gigabit ports. feeding 34000 hosts
 PC cluster
 5'500 active NICE PCs,1'500 Macs , 1'100 CMF packages
Computing Facility  Provide local and Grid Computing Power   4500 nodes installed,16K CPUs available,upto 10K concurrent jobs
 EDH  Business process automation and Workflow (EDH)  >>10k users, >650k signatures/yr, >250k documents/yr, >1000 issues 3rd line support / yr
 Computing Center cooling system
 The system to keep cold the center
 more than 500,000 m3/h cold air to col PCs,three 1.5 MW chillers
 CVS   Concurrent Version System
 over 300 Software Projects and over 3000 users
 Messaging services
 Email, Ldap, Listbox, News, Fax, Antispam  18500 mailboxes, 7000 lists, 2.8TB data, 2.5 Million messages/day (~98% SPAM)
 Web Services
  Web Services , Search Engine, Verisign  7.500 Sites (7.200 last year) +10%
LCG  Coordinating and operating WLCG grid activities
1.9M jobs/month, 30,000 simultaneously; >1 PB /month each ATLAS, CMS;  >1 GB/s  (1.6 GB/s peak) to 12 sites; ~160 Vos (~20 really active)
 AFS  Andrew File System (distributed file system for CERN users)
 15,000 users, 27,000 volumes, 25TB allocated
 HelpDesk   support for any request of user  support
 1100 calls/week
 Telecom Lab
Support for GSM and fixed telephone
  on 2006: 270'000 calls handle by the Switchboard, 7000 AudioConferences/year
 Twiki Flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise wiki  Twiki usage
 External Networking
Provide connectivity and infrastructure  with other 11 T1s

Outcoming Internet Back bone uptop 60GB/s to 11 centers. Speed record:1.1 TB transferred in less than half hour (Caltech-CERN)