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   ST&A Organisation

There are two categories of Safety training courses: basic and mandatory Safety courses, and specific Safety courses.

Basic and mandatory Safety courses:

CERN has established and implemented Safety Training & Awareness based on access authorization and regulation requirements and best practices. Access to CERN industrial areas, controlled areas and the accelerator area is limited to personnel who have completed basic and mandatory Safety courses on SIR (Safety Registration Information).

The e-Learning application SIR is linked to the ADaMS database (Access Distribution and Management System) which grants authorization to access CERN Safety Zones.

e-Learning Safety courses on SIR are:

CERN Safety Introduction

Safety during LS1

Atlas Safety (Level 4A)

LHCb Safety (Level 4b)

CMS Safety (Level 4C)

Electrical Safety Awareness

PS Complex (Level 4 PS)

ISOLDE Primary

Chemical Risk Awareness

RP Training for CERN Supervised Radiation Areas

Other mandatory Safety courses which are not on SIR but are classroom courses are:

  • Radiological Protection - Controlled Radiation Area - Course A for CERN employees and CERN associates
  • Sécurité Radiologique - Zone Contrôlée - Cours pour contractants
  • Habilitation électrique: non électricien (electrical safety training for non electricians)
  • Self-rescue breathing apparatus training.
  • Specific Safety courses:

    They are all classroom courses with theoretical and practical parts. They are visible on the Safety Training Catalogue. They are divided into the following subcategories:

    • Chemical Safety (2 courses)
    • Electrical Safety (8 courses)
    • First-Aid (2 courses)
    • Health & Safety at work (20 courses)
    • Lifting & Handling (9 courses)
    • Radiation Protection (2 courses)

    Scaffolding (2 courses)

    Tools and resources:

    The Safety Training team shares the infrastructure and the software tools with the other CERN training programmes. There is a close collaboration with the Learning & Development section (HR Department).

  • SIR (Safety Information Registration) is an e-Learning application
  • CTA (Core Training Application) is the application developed at CERN to handle the training followed by the CERN population
  • The Safety Training Catalogue is available on HR Web pages and allows subscription to different courses
  • A Sharepoint Collaboration Workspace gives the opportunity to carry out surveys, the recording and processing of data
  • Resources:
  • Safety Training team (contacts)
  • Trainers: internal (CERN experts or Fire Brigade) and external (training companies)
  • CERN Training Center (building 593)
  • Kiosks (building 55)