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The course on the "Handling of fire extinguishers" is now offered in the CERN Training Catalogue.

You can register directly using the following link:

"Manipulation d'extincteurs" - "Handling of fire extinguishers"

Additional information are available on the "Health & Safety at work" page.

If you have additional questions or specific training request, please contact the Safety Training team:




23-JUN-10 - Implementation of the "Handling of fire extinguishers" course

Objective of the course:

- Be able to give the alarm

- Be able to use the means for a first intervention to deal with fire

- Know how to choose the products and the means to deal with a real fire

Content of the course:

- The phenomenon of combustion and the way fires spread

- The triangle of fire; classes of fire extinguishing agents (basics on fire, classes D and F)

- Fire extinguishers: presentation section and instructions for use

- Basics on fire prevention

- Demonstration of effectiveness of extinguishing agents

- Exercises by all participants on fire of solids, liquids and gases.