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SEE Mandate

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Safety Engineering and Environment Group (DGS-SEE)


The activities of the Safety Engineering and Environment Group (SEE) cover the conventional aspects of the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Unit (HSE).

The SEE Group:

  • supports the Organization in the implementation and enforcement of its Safety policy by the deployment of services such as prevention & safety engineering, project and experiments safety, contractor safety support and incident prevention;
  • supports the Organization’s proactive communication in matters of Safety via safety campaigns, adapted safety training and awareness;
  • monitors the implementation and accomplishment of Safety objectives aimed at a continuous improvement of safe working and operating conditions as well as environmental protection via safety conformity reviews, or services such as the incident follow up;
  • contributes to grant Safety clearance on behalf of the Director-General for special equipments, installations, experiments and projects with major Safety implications via the prevention & safety engineering support services;
  • provides the Organization with a regulatory framework in matters of Safety via the safety regulatory framework and documentation watch services;
  • collaborates with CERN’s Medical Service in health and safety matters via services such as incident prevention and follow up;
  • ensures the conventional and radiological and environmental monitoring;
  • provides technical safety inspections.

The group supports the Departments during the complete life cycle of their projects. It offers safety services such as engineering expertise, training or independent control adapted to their needs. Our objective is prevention and that all safety aspects are integrated from the earliest stage of any project and that best safety practices are shared, harmonized and disseminated.

To fulfill its mandate the group provides several services in the following areas: