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A new era of Safety at CERN

CERN is modernising its safety policy and organisational structure in matters of Safety with the introduction of new reference documents that have come into force on 29 September. These texts adapt the Organization’s safety policy to take account of how the Laboratory has evolved and to include best practice in Safety matters.

Safety is a priority at CERN, so it’s no coincidence that the Organization’s anniversary has been chosen as the time to launch a modernised approach to its Safety policy and how Safety matters are organised. On the day of CERN’s 60th anniversary, the SAPOCO 42 document, which covered both policy and organisational aspects, was replaced by a more concise general policy statement. The organisational structure and responsibilities in matters of Safety are now set out in a Safety Regulation, that is supplemented by subsidiary documents. Together these documents will replace the corresponding parts of the former SAPOCO 42 as well as Safety Codes previously in force. “SAPOCO 42 covered both policy and organisational questions,” explains Philippe Lebrun, Chair of the Safety Policy Committee. “In accordance with modern standards the two aspects are now separated. The policy will remain perennial as it defines the general overarching principles and the basis for all the regulatory texts in matters of Safety.”


 CERN's occupational Health & Safety and Environmental protection Unit

The Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE) Unit is the driving force behind CERN Safety Policy. A corporate and preventive Safety culture is promoted. In its role as the Organization’s centre of competence in matters of Safety, the HSE Unit provides support to all parts of the Organization. Meeting CERN's Safety objectives requires the Unit to adopt a highly service oriented approach for both the radiological and conventional safety domains. Complementing its internal duties the HSE Unit coordinates CERN's HSE matters with the respective host states bodies.

 HSE Unit Communications

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20-01-2014 - Safety and communication, a winning combination
Since 2013, in line with its mission to support CERN’s proactive communication policy in matters of safety, the HSE unit has been following an annual plan for disseminating information on occupational health and safety and environmental protection....
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