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​​HiRadMat @ SPS Technical Board

The HiRadMat Technical Board is setup to review the technical, safety and radioprotection issues on the recommended experiments by the HiRadMat Scientific Board. The board gives the final authorization for the installation of the experiment and subsequently the beam permit within the agreed conditions. 

The board meets several times per year according to the schedule and preparation of the experiment. 

Chairman: Adrian FABICH, HiRadMat Project Leader, CERN (EN-MEF) (mail)
Secretary: Sebastien EVRARD, HiRadMat Deputy Project Leader, CERN (EN-MEF)

  • Karel CORNELIS (BE-OP) - SPS beam expert
  • Simone GILARDONI, CERN (BE-ABP) - PS beam expert
  • Malika MEDDAHI, CERN (TE-ABT) - SPS/HiRadmat beam expert
  • Ans PARDONS (EN-MEF) - HiRadMat 
  • John PEDERSEN, (EN-HDO) - EN Dept. DSO
  • Marc TAVLET, (BE-ASR) - BE Dept. DSO
  • Chris THEIS, (DGS-RP) - HiRadMat RP physicist
Mail to the board members :​ (restricted)

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