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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Experiments in HiRadMat

The HiRadMat experimental area is located at the TNC tunnel (ex. WANF facility target & secondary beam tunnel) in the SPS-BA7 area. The facility offers the possibility of three test stands receiving beam at the same time. Installation of the test material is done remotely using specialy designed platforms. Personel access to the experimental area is restricted due to the radiation environment. Cool-down areas are also availabe nearby where the material can be moved after the end of the beam exposure.
For further information or assistance please send an e-mail to: HiRadMat Management​

HiRadMat Experimental Area layout in TNC Tunnel


Experiments in HiRadMat

List of Experiments (last update : January 27, 2015 - AFA)


​Title ​Description ​Contact Person ​Status​ ​Beam Period Mobile Table​ Storage
MultiMat ​validation of collimator materials ​Alessandro Bertarelli​ Request​ 2016​
fiberBLM​ fiber based LCH beam loss monitors​ ​Bernd Dehning Request​ 2015​
​SextSC structural testing of an SC LHC-sectupole​ Daniel Wollmann​ ​Request 2016​​
​TDI prototyping TDCI collimator of LHC​ Verena Kain, Anton Lechner​ Request​ 2015 - w42​42​
​RodTarg benchmarking AD targets Marco Calviani​ Request​ 2015 - w33​
​HRMT 26 ​GlassyC testing carbon based vacuum windows​ Cedric Garion​ Approved​ 2015 - w19​​
​HRMT 25 ​TPSG4 ​LHC transfer line collimator - TPSG ​​Jan Borburgh, Cedric Baud ​Approved 2015 - w46​ special support​
​HRMT 24 ​BeGrid sample testing of Beryllium specimen​s Chris Densham​ (UK) Approved​ 2015 - w38​
​HRMT 23 Jaws​ Prototyping LHC collimator jaws​ Alessandro Bertarelli​ Approved​ 2015 - w28​
​HRMT 22 ​PTarg ​High-power tungsten target Chris Densham​ (UK) Approved​ ​2015 - w23​
​HRMT 21 ​RotColl validating the concept of a rotating collimator​ for LHC Stefano Redaelli​ Approved​ 2016​
​HRMT 20 ​MicOpt testing optical microphone as beam loss monitor​ Daniel Deboy​ Approved​ 2015 - w​12 ​special support
​HRMT 19 ​BLM2 calibrating LHC beam loss monitors​ Bernd Dehning​ Approved​ 2015 - w09​ special support​
​CRY2 structural tests of bending rystals​ Simone Montesano, Anton Lechner​ Request
​HRMT 17 ​dBM pCVD based BPMs​ Viktor Badin​ Scheduled​ 2014 - w50​ Table 01​




​Title ​Description ​Contact Person ​Status​ ​Beam Period Mobile Table​ Storage
​HRMT-01​ ​TISD ​RIB target R&D ​T. Stora - CERN Completed w44​-2012 (Table-01​) cool-down #4
HRMT-02​ ​RADTOL ​Radiation tolerence of electronics ​M. Brugger - CERN Request​  
HRMT-03​ ​SLACRC1 ​LHC rotating collimator ​T. Markewicz - LBL ​Request  
HRMT-04​ ​BLM ​LHC beam loss monitor ​B. Dehning - CERN ​Completed ​w35-2012 - departed
HRMT-05​ ​VDWBR ​Vacuum Be window ​R. Veness - CERN ​Request  
​HRMT-06 ​TPSG4 ​LHC transfer line collimator - TPSG ​J. Borburgh - C.Baud CERN Completed​ w47-2012​ ​special support departed to 867
​HRMT-07 ​TCDQ ​LHC transfer line collimator - TCDQ ​W. Weterings - CERN ​Request  
HRMT-08​ ​TCDS ​LHC transfer line collimator - TCDS ​W. Weterings - CERN ​Request  
​HRMT-09 ​LCOL ​LHC collimator tests ​A. Rossi - CERN Completed w32,2012​ Table-04​ departed (to 867/954)
HRMT-10​ ​WTHIMBLE High-power W-thimble experiment ​C. Densham - RAL, N.Charitonidis - CERN Completed ​w22, 2012 (Table-01​) BA7 surface lab
HRMT-11​ ​DYNVAC ​Ion disorption and vacuum ​E. Mahner - CERN ​Request  
HRMT-12 ​LPROT ​LHC machine protection R&D ​R. Schmidt - J.Blanco CERN Completed w25,2012​ Table-03​ cool-down #5
​HRMT-14 ​LCMAT ​LHC collimator material R&D ​A. Bertarelli - CERN Completed w39,w40-2012​ Table-02​ departed to 954 (from #7)
HRMT-15​ ​RPINST ​RP Instrumentation R&D ​M. Silari - CERN Completed w41,w24​-2012 special support departed
HRMT-16​​ ​UA9CRY ​​UA9 Crystal collimation ​W.Scandale LAL, S. Montesano - CERN Completed
w44​-2012 (​Table-01) departed