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CERN EDMS Service > Services  

CERN EDMS Service > Services

 The CERN EDMS - a complete service

The CERN EDMS provides support for managing engineering and equipment information throughout the whole lifecycle of a project. This covers all the different phases of design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance and dismantling for which both systems and methodology based on industry best-practices are provided.

In order to fully be able to benefit from the available tools and functionality the service also provides technical support, consulting and training for the different tools included in the EDMS suite of applications. For help to get started or to get consulting advice, please contact

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 Document & Drawing Management

Documents and drawings can be created, versioned and organized in various kinds of structures such as project breakdown and Bills Of Materials (BOMs) - all easily accessible from the web interface. Different levels of access rights and visibility can be applied based on both project specific rules and the different document types used.

The system also provides an extensive set of approval (release) procedures that ensures that documents get checked and approved according to predefined procedures. Such procedures can also be linked with the advanced notification module which allows action-triggered and personalized notifications sent to both individual users and distribution lists. The CERN EDMS stores currently almost a million documents and drawings where each document contains one or several files.

 CAD data management

The officially supported CAD tools at CERN are tightly integrated in the service making sure that both the tools and the produced data will be managed in the most efficient way. Currently a new commercial product called Smarteam is being deployed in the CERN design offices as a help to manage the many and complex links between CATIA models and drawings. The project of integrating Smarteam into the CERN EDMS has already been launched.

Read more about CAD data management on the CAD Service pages.

 Design & Configuration Management

Bill Of Materials and product information can be managed and published with the CERN EDMS benefitting from the full range of capabilities available in the underlying commercial Product Lifecycle Management system Axalant (today also known as Agile PLM). The basis for all design and configuration management is the Item, which represents a design or an equipment type and to which documentation and technical attributes can be associated.

 Manufacturing Follow-up

The MTF is an integral tool of the CERN EDMS that is allows a detailed follow-up of your equipment during the manufacturing and test processes. Predefined workflows with tasks and technical measurements can be logged and followed-up in a fully configurable manner for each type of equipment. The Non-Conformity management is another important module for the manufacturing follow-up, which allows formalized procedures for solving problems discovered during production. For the LHC project, over 600.000 components were individually followed up with MTF during the manufacturing and test phases.

 Installation & Commissioning Follow-up

MTF can also be used to manage and document the processes of installing and commissioning equipment in a similar way as for the manufacturing follow-up. Equipment can be installed into predefined functional positions (slots) and both tasks and technical parameters can be stored and later accessed in the complete history log.

 Asset tracking & Maintenance management

All equipment management in the CERN EDMS is based on a Datastream7i is which is a powerful commercial asset tracking and maintenance management system. Datastream7i provides a wide range of functionality including everything from detailed tracking of individual components and all their technical characteristics including meter readings to automated creation work orders for scheduled preventive maintenance. Datastream7i (and it predecessors) has been used at CERN for almost 20 years and contains information about over a million objects and all the technical interventions carried out on them.

Read more about asset tracking & maintenance on the CMMS service pages.

 Safety inspection management

Certain types of equipment such as for example buildings, electrical installations and safety valves require that periodical safety inspections are performed in order to ensure their proper functioning and compliance with safety rules and regulations. The management of the safety inspections including everything linked to scheduling and the follow-up of found remarks is done with a special module within EDMS.

 As-built data management

During the design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning phases of the LHC, lots of important information has been captured in the different EDMS-MTF modules. To facilitate the navigation and analysis of all this data a new set of tools for both navigation and reporting is being developed. The as-built navigator is an example of such a tool allowing easy navigation and searching amongst all Non-Conformity Reports (NCRs) that has been registered for the LHC.