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Approval and release procedures: How to give comments during an approval process


If someone request your comments for a document or drawing in EDMS during an approval process you will recieve a request for comments via e-mail. In this email you will find a URL that will bring you to the page where you can prepare your comments. Note that your comments will not be stored in the system until you click on the "Save All" button at the bottom of the page.

Before clicking on this very button, you can add, edit and delete everything you entered in this page.

So the process to comment on a document is :

1. Choose an action (mandatory)

Indicate which decision you take regarding the contents of the document:

yes Accept: you accept the document. You may give some additional information if needed.

no Reject: there is something in the document you disagree with. You have to explain why you reject it (whether in the general comments or in the page comments). You have to explain the general reason in the general comments "Text" field.

seen Seen: indicates that you did read the document but have nothing special to say about it. You may add some comments to explain why you have nothing to say (!)

2. Type your general comments (mandatory)

Type your general comments in the general comments "Text" field.

3. Enter precise comments on a page (optional)

You may want to enter some precise comments on a page. Type the number of the page in the page comments "Page" field. Type your page comments in the page comments "Text" field. It is possible to enter many different comments on the same page. If you want to add some other comments on some other pages, click on the "Add" button.

4. Edit page comments (optional)

5. Save all your comments (general + pages) (mandatory)