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 Infor EAM Tools

Infor EAM - Extended 
Infor EAM is the official and centrally supported Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) at CERN. Infor EAM is one of leading CMMS tools in the industry and has been used at CERN for over 20 years in its previous versions (Rapier, MP7, Datastream 7i /D7i).

Available via web interface to all CERN users with an Infor EAM account. (Contact to request an account.)

Infor EAM - MS Project interface
The Infor EAM  - MS Project interface is a bi-directional integration that allows a graphical visualization in Microsoft Project of planned work orders from Infor EAM. These work orders can be modified and re-scheduled within Microsoft Project and then easily exported back into Infor EAM. It is also possible to create new work orders and activities from within Microsoft Project.  

Available for all Infor EAM users at CERN. (See FAQ for more information.)

Infor EAM Barcoding  
Infor EAM Barcoding is a Windows application that allows you to design and print simple barcode stickers with information extracted directly from the Infor EAM database. Barcodes can then be printed on both specialized barcode printers as well as normal office printers depending of needs and preferences.

Available on-demand. (Contact for details.)

Infor EAM Upload Utility 
Infor EAM Upload Utility is a Windows application for administrators and expert users of Infor EAM, that allows batch importing of data from Excel spreadsheets.

Available on-demand and after training for administrators and expert users. (Contact for details.)


 Other related tools

CERN EAM Light is an internally developed simplified web interface for performing a limited sub-set of functionality of Infor EAM. This light web interface is fully functional in all web browser on all platforms (including Mac) as well as on any tablet computer with a web browser. A mobile version of this interface tailored for smartphones with web access will also soon be made available. More information about the EAM light interface can be found in this presentation.

Available to all Infor EAM users.

CERN EAM mobile is an internally developed mobile application that allows people to work with Infor EAM in the field using a handheld Windows Mobile device. Since the standard mobile application from Infor did not cope with the size of our database, this internal solution was deployed based on Infor's Web Services Toolkit. More information can be found on the CERN EAM Mobile page.

Available to all Infor EAM users with a compatible Windows Mobile device. (For more information see the CERN EAM Mobile page!)

Business Objects
Business Objects is a Business Intelligence platform from SAP that is provided as an generic reporting tool to all CMMS users at CERN. In addition to the basic set of reports provided by the CMMS support team, it is also possible to end users to create and design own tailored reports without being a database expert. Business Object trainings are regularly organized by the CERN Technical Training team.
Available for all CERN users.

The Manufacturing Test Folder (MTF) application is an integral part of the EDMS and was developed as CERN in order to trace and follow-up the manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning of equipment for the LHC. Due to its success, the scope of the application has now been widened to also cover other machines and projects. The MTF web interface shares the database with Infor EAM, which means that all equipment followed-up up during the manufacturing and installation phases already are available in Infor EAM which then can be used to manage the operations and maintenance tasks. 

Available for all users with a NICE/EDMS account.