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The CERN Fitness Club's Instructors
Christine Christine

Teacher for Nordic Walking

Born in the baverian Alpes, Christine practiced cross-country skiing and hiking since she was a young girl, which are the basics of this beautiful sport, known as “Nordic Walking”. Today she has an instructor-licence for cross-country skiing and Nordic Walking. Since some years, she is teaching for the Ski Club CERN and for school-kids.


High Intensity Interval Training
With 8 years as a Volleyball player and pretty much an all life of enrolment in different sports like soccer, karate, kayaking and many others, Cristóvão is a sports passionate with more than 9 years of personal experience in gym activities and health and therapeutical care.
Come and join the HIIT classes. Experience a new level of exhaustion that will get you in shape faster than you imagine.


Germana obtained the FISAF diploma as Fitness Group Instructor in 2011. She joined the CERN fitness club in 2012. She is a very dynamic instructor and she motivates participants by proposing both cardio work-outs and muscular training for building strength and stamina. The classes are for everyone with all fitness levels. The moves are simple and the music together with the group effect push to overcome everyone own limit. Join Germana classes to burn calories and to get in shape!

Après avoir pratiqué le sport de haut niveau pendant plusieurs années, c’est tout naturellement qu'il s'est tourné vers le coaching par la suite. C’est avec passion qu'il aime transmettre les joies du sport et ses bienfaits. Les cours collectifs sont fais de manières à développer toutes les capacités physiques (Endurance, Force, Coordination, Agilité, Equilibre….) en utilisant principalement le poids de son corps. Ces cours s’adressent a un panel très large allant du sportif débutant à l’athlète confirmé et permettent d’individualiser son entrainement en fonction de son niveau, afin d’avoir une progression constante et régulière. 
Marco has enjoyed success as Swiss National Salsa dance champion and is now our very own Zumba instructor - his classes are more of a party than an exercise class; you will have so much fun, you won't even notice the work-out you're givng yourself - come and join the party!
Natalia Natalia Originally from Germany, Natalia graduated from Humboldt University, Berlin with an MSc in Physical Therapy. Since then she has worked as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in Germany, the UK and now Switzerland.  
Freshly qualified as a Zumba Instructor, come and shake it at her Thursday evening and Friday lunchtime classes. Join the party, have fun and you won't even realise you are exercising!
Yoyo Yoyo Yoyo trained as a dancer originally at the Merce Cunningham School in New York and then went on tour with different dance companies all over the world. She had a number one hit in the European Charts with the song "Rytmo della Noche". More recently Yoyo has graduated as a Pilates teacher and she is now letting the CERN Fitness Club benefit from her expertise, giving beginners pilates classes every Thursday lunchtime.

 Fitness Club Committee