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The interface of CERN Market has changed with the migration to SharePoint 2010.
To post new messages please click on the New Message link in the left bar.​ 

 Welcome to the web discussion forum for the CERN market


The purpose of this site is to allow the CERN population to buy and sell personal objects, anything ranging from a house to a car to a set of snow chains. This site replaces the NNTP newsgroup It cannot be used for commercial advertising.

You must sign in with a valid account in order to read or post messages. CERN users should use their CERN account (please read the FAQ in case of problems). Other users can register for a CERN External Account, which is shared with other CERN public services such as Simba, Indico, CDS etc.

If your web browser supports RSS feeds, you will be able to subscribe to the RSS feed for this forum. RSS feeds allow you to be informed of new posts in this discussion forum without having to visit the web site. More information about RSS.

It is also possible to get notified of new posts by email ("Alert Me!" link in the left panel). You can for instance register for a daily summary of the activity in the forum, or asked to be notified when someone replies to one of your messages.




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