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CATIA - Drafting

Add symbol EnvelopeHow to add the symbol Envelope to a dimension?
Archiving errorArchiving error CAT fichier inexistantI get the CDD archiving error "Archiving error, CAT fichier inexistant" , how to correct this?
How to resize separately the axis of a hole axis system?Axis ResizingHow to resize separately the axis of a hole axis system?
BOM Ordering Tool - CartWeb IntegrationHow is BOM Ordering Tool integrated with CartWeb?
View linkChanging view linkHow to change view link from whole assembly to a scene ?
Clipping View function alternativesWhat are the alternatives for the clipping view function?
Colors of dimensionsColours of dimensionsA quoi correspondent les couleurs qui sont appliquées sur les cotes?
Convert drawings to PDF,DXF,PLTConvert drawings to PDF,DXF,PLTConversion de drawings vers PDF,DXF,PLT
Line thicknessDrawing line thicknessQuelles épaisseurs et types de lignes utilisées par défaut pour la mise en plan?
Drawing Standard UpdateDrawing settings are not according the standard setting of CATIA
Catalog of stickersHow to add stickers in a drawingComment ajouter des stickers dans une mise en plan
ImportImport .PLT or .HPGL drawing fileHow to import a drawing in .PLT or .HPGL format?
Large file sizeLarge file size drawingsHow to avoid problems with large file size drawings?
Orthogonal Leaders in CATIA V5How to create multiple orthogonal leaders in CATIA (Bug workaround)
Out of Format DrawingHow to generate an Out of Format Drawing?
Quick PrintThe QuickPrint tool/L'outil QuickPrint
Removing the CDD info when duplicating a drawingRemoving the CDD info when duplicating a drawingHow can I remove all the information related to CDD in the cartouche from a duplicated drawing?
Section View. Creating a cutting profile that is associative with 3DHow to create an associative profile between a section view and a 3D
LinesThick lines around thin sectionsWhy do I sometimes get thick lines in my section views and how do I take them away?
Update Chained MeasuresMettre à jour une mesure enchaînée