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 Welcome to the BetaNu Home Page!

To become a Partner of this BetaNu homepage (to add and change your own items) please email your NICE account (only user name) to me. If you do not have a NICE account get an External CERN account here first.

 WP4 email list

The email list for WP4 is Add (delete) yourself here.

 Beta Beam for FP7

The Beta Beam work package will address the issues of ion production and beam bunching for a Beta Beam facility. The work presently undertaken in the FP6 EURISOL DS indicates that these are the major critical issues that have to be solved to make any proposed scenario for the Beta Beam possible. A new production concept using an internal target in a low energy production ring will be studied with special attention on the collection device for the produced radioactive ions. The study will start with a review of the EURISOL DS Beta Beam baseline for the new proposed isotopes – notably 8Li and 8B with high Q values – and the corresponding intensities that are expected with this new concept. For beam bunching a high frequency ECR concept will be studied as a continuation of work started in EURISOL DS. The decay ring lattice will have to be adapted to the new isotopes. The studies of the magnet protection systems for the superconducting magnets and of the collimation system started in EURISOL DS will be continued.

 WP4 Baseline (Database)

The WP4 Beta Beam Baseline is defined in the our Database which we try to keep correct and updated. Please let us know in case of any error is found.


There are currently no upcoming events.


WP4 Grenoble Meeting: 25th of November 
by Christian HansenNo presence information
 12/11/2009 01:44 PM
Please confirm your participation to
WP4 bi-annual meeting in Grenoble - Vote! 
by Christian HansenNo presence information
 08/10/2009 05:20 PM
Please vote in this Doodle Pool for prefered date!
Welcome to BetaNu! 
by Christian HansenNo presence information
 03/09/2009 03:59 PM
This is the first announcement on the BetaNu homepage! Welcome!