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 Committees & Meetings

BE Representative
collapse Domain : Departmental Meetings ‎(2)
CCRB - CERN Contract Review BoardRonny Billen
BECPC - BE Career Path ChangesWeb Site
collapse Domain : IEFC Working Groups and Meetings ‎(5)
FOM - Facilities Operations MeetingsWeb Site
MSWG - Machine Studies Working GroupWeb Site
EATM - Experimental Areas Technical MeetingWeb Site
ITCM - Isolde Technical Coordination MeetingWeb Site
SPSU - SPS Upgrade Working GroupWeb Site
collapse Domain : Management Board Meetings ‎(3)
BEMB - BE Management Board MeetingsWeb Site
ENMB - EN Management Board MeetingsWeb Site
TEMB - TE Management Board MeetingsWeb Site
collapse Domain : Project Meetings ‎(2)
CLIC Weekly MeetingsWeb Site
CTF3 Committee MeetingsWeb Site
collapse Domain : Sector Committees and Meetings ‎(10)
IEFC - The LHC Injector and Experimental Facilities CommitteeWeb Site
LMC - LHC Machine CommitteeWeb Site
CO3 - Controls Coordination CommitteeWeb Site
LHC Beam Commissioning Working GroupWeb Site
Hardware CommissioningGianluigi ArduiniWeb Site
Task Force LHC Splices ConsolidationWeb site
CSAP - Complex Safety Advisory Panels (LHC, PS & SPS)Jorg Wenninger; Rende Steerenberg; Karel CornelisWeb site
LS1 CommitteeWeb Site
LHC Beam Operation CommitteeWebsite
LHC Studies Working GroupWebsite

 BE Department News

BE Welcome Leaflet for NewcomersAttachment 
by Anna MackneyNo presence information
 01/04/2015 11:01
Paul Collier's presentation to the Department 02/12/14Attachment 
by Anna MackneyNo presence information
 14/01/2015 15:54
by Anna MackneyNo presence information
 25/08/2014 16:19
BE - Temporary Detachments 
by Laurence Van Cauter-TannerNo presence information
 21/02/2014 14:48
by Anna MackneyNo presence information
 21/02/2014 14:47
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 Conferences of interest to the BE Department in 2015

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 A&T Sector Seminars

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