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The Radio-Frequency Group is responsible for the accelerating and damping systems in CERN. These responsibilities comprise:
  • Operation and maintenance of these systems in all existing machines ;
  • Upgrades to these systems in existing machines for future applications ;
  • Design and construction of systems for new approved machines ;
  • Research & development and design studies for future machines ;
  • RF parameters and longitudinal dynamics in present and future accelerators ;
  • Calculations and measurements relating to impedances and wake-fields in accelerator structures ;
  • Dissemination of RF expertise and knowledge inside and outside CERN.

 Upcoming Conferences

03/05/201508/05/2015Richmond (US)
02/11/201506/11/2015Shangai (China)
24/06/201526/06/2015Geneva (Switzerland)
21/04/201524/04/2015Barcelona (Spain)
07/06/201512/06/2015New York (US)
16/06/201519/06/2015Tsinghua (China)

 Radio-Frequency Group Structure

RF - Radio-FrequencyNo presence informationErk JensenNo presence informationAndy ButterworthNo presence informationLaurie Hemery
BR - Beams & RF StudiesNo presence informationElena ChapochnikovaNo presence informationThomas Bohl
CS - Servos & Controls InterfaceNo presence informationAndy ButterworthNo presence informationLuca Arnaudon
FB - Feedbacks and Beam ControlNo presence informationWolfgang HofleNo presence informationPhilippe Baudrenghien
IS - Injector SynchrotronsNo presence informationCarlo RossiNo presence informationMauro Paoluzzi
LRF - Linacs RFNo presence informationFrank GerigkNo presence informationWalter Wuensch
MK -  Modulators & Klystrons No presence informationOlivier BrunnerNo presence informationSteffen Doebert
PM - Power amplifiers & couplers, Modules productionNo presence informationEric MontesinosNo presence informationGino Cipolla
SRF - SC RF Cavity TechnologyNo presence informationKarl-Martin SchirmNo presence informationWalter Venturini Delsolaro


Avis d'assurance.pdf
Checked Out To: Mauro PaoluzziAvis d'assurance.pdf
Checked Out To: Mauro Paoluzzi
15/02/2012 15:42No presence informationLaurie Hemery
CERN Bicycle Request Form 2013.pdf
14/06/2013 16:45No presence informationLaurie Hemery
Duty travel autorisation form.pdf
01/04/2015 11:32No presence informationLaurie Hemery
Group Structure April 2015.pdf
25/03/2015 11:12No presence informationLaurie Hemery
School fees claim (new arrangements).doc
26/09/2011 11:20No presence informationLaurie Hemery
School Fees Claim (Old arrangements).doc
26/09/2011 11:19No presence informationLaurie Hemery

 Documents of interest

16/12/2011 07:15No presence informationErk Jensen
Feed Forward Compensation.pptx
26/09/2011 16:07No presence informationLaurie Hemery
High Gradient Magnetic Alloy for J-Parc upgrade.pptx
26/09/2011 16:08No presence informationLaurie Hemery
MA Cavities.pptx
26/09/2011 16:07No presence informationLaurie Hemery
RF Group Annual Report 2011.pdf
19/12/2012 15:44No presence informationLaurie Hemery
RF Highlights 2011.pptx
08/02/2013 14:01No presence informationLaurie Hemery
RF Highlights 2012.pptx
28/10/2013 06:42No presence informationLaurie Hemery
RF Highlights 2013.pdf
Checked Out To: Wolfgang HofleRF Highlights 2013.pdf
Checked Out To: Wolfgang Hofle
08/01/2014 13:48No presence informationLaurie Hemery
RF Highlights 2014.pdf
02/02/2015 13:33No presence informationLaurie Hemery

 Employment opportunities outside CERN

18/02/2015 13:41
16/02/2015 16:50
16/02/2015 16:49
16/02/2015 16:48