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 PSB roles

​Klaus Hanke ​Section leader
​Abdelouahid Akroh Trajectory measurements
Oasis link person​
​Jose-Luis Sanchez Alvarez ​Timings
CO link person
Linac 4 link person
​Céline Bidaut
​Documentation & website
​Fabrice Chapuis ​OP safety link person
​Jean-François Comblin Profile measurements
YASP configuration
CO link person for databases
LASER/alarm definitions​
​Gian Piero Di Giovanni ​Optics
​Bettina Mikulec BI link person​
​Nicolas Queneutte ​SIS configuration
​Yu Wu ​Beam losses


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05/10/2012 09:49
The Booster/ISOLDE section
is responsible for the operation of the PS Booster and the On-Line Isotope Mass Separator ISOLDE.

The PS Booster is a synchrotron composed of four superimposed rings. It delivers a variety of beams for the downstream PS, SPS and LHC machines as well as high intensity beams for ISOLDE.

The section is also responsible for the specification and programming of controls software. ISOLDE delivers stable and radioactive beams for changing user groups in the fields of nuclear and atomic physics, solid-state physics, life sciences and material science.
Responsibilities of the section include target changes, setting up and delivery of stable and radioactive beam on ISOLDE's two mass separators as well as maintenance and upgrade of hardware and controls software.

PSB layout