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Proton Synchrotron Booster

Proton Synchrotron Booster

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The 2014's run was a challenging one after all the work done during LS1.
The run was marked by significant changes due to the implementation of the new digital LL-RF and Transverse Damper systems, changes to beam instrumentation (for example new pickups), the new access system or new FGC3 power converters for all PSB multipoles...
LLRF tbf
The availability of all operational beams was good (examples : 92% for Isolde, 97% for SFTPRO) and a lot of MDs were performed.
The previous year also saw extensive trajectory & orbit studies. The YASP application based on an improved optics model will now be systematically used to optimise operational beams during the coming months.
During the YETS 2014-2015 a few interventions took place including another iteration of magnet re-alignment in the PSB rings.
The Booster is currently restarting, and first beams are being set-up.
First beams to the LHC are scheduled for the end of March (and before for the LHC sector test), and from week #15 for fixed-target experiments (Isolde, NTOF).
>> The bulletin is talking about the restart
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The Booster/ISOLDE section
is responsible for the operation of the PS Booster and the On-Line Isotope Mass Separator ISOLDE.

The PS Booster is a synchrotron composed of four superimposed rings. It delivers a variety of beams for the downstream PS, SPS and LHC machines as well as high intensity beams for ISOLDE.

The section is also responsible for the specification and programming of controls software. ISOLDE delivers stable and radioactive beams for changing user groups in the fields of nuclear and atomic physics, solid-state physics, life sciences and material science.
Responsibilities of the section include target changes, setting up and delivery of stable and radioactive beam on ISOLDE's two mass separators as well as maintenance and upgrade of hardware and controls software.

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