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Proton Synchrotron Booster

Proton Synchrotron Booster

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 PSB Supervisor Meetings

Folder: 2010
15/01/2010 08:47No presence informationAlmudena Solero
Folder: 2011
07/01/2011 09:15No presence informationJulien Paul Baldy
Folder: 2012
18/01/2012 11:20No presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut
Folder: 2013
08/01/2013 13:49No presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut
Folder: 2014
04/02/2014 17:01No presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut

 PSB Section Meetings

2012 group metting - BOOSTER.pptx2012 group metting - BOOSTERNo presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut
2012 group meeting - TSR@Isolde.ppsx2012 group meeting - TSR@IsoldeNo presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut
2012 group meeting - Isolde SynopticEditor.ppsx2012 group meeting - Isolde SynopticEditorNo presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut
sm_minutes_231012.pdfsm_minutes_231012No presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut
sm_minutes_081012.pdfsm_minutes_081012No presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut
EDMS1223620_Obligatory_Personal_Protection_Equip.pdfEDMS1223620_Obligatory_Personal_Protection_EquipNo presence informationKlaus Hanke
sm_minutes_090812.pdfsm_minutes_090812No presence informationKlaus Hanke
sm_minutes_250512.pdfsm_minutes_250512No presence informationKlaus Hanke
sm_minutes_050412.pdfsm_minutes_050412No presence informationKlaus Hanke
sm_minutes_080312.pdfsm_minutes_080312No presence informationKlaus Hanke
sm_minutes_310112.pdfsm_minutes_310112No presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut
sm_minutes_180112.pdfsm_minutes_180112No presence informationCeline Marie Bidaut
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End of LS1 for PSB
09/04/2014 07:35
Although there is no beam in the accelerator chain since March 2013, the whole CERN site accommodated a hive of activities, with large-scale works to improve the infrastructures and prepare for the future.
access_systemA lot of work has also been done in and around the PSB machine and its control system.
Major maintenance work is completed to improve installations.

Numerous projects have been accomplished:
- New access system with new biometrically controlled access points
- New dump (BTM line un-install / re-install)
- Pick-up exchange in the PSB injection lines
- Transformer rewinding: BI.BCT10 & BI.BCT20 (nb of windings changed for future compatibility with Linac4)
- Electronic readout changes (TRIC card) for all BCTs at injection
- New pick-up at the end of GPS/HRS lines
- Replacement of all extraction transfos (to improve accuracy)
dump - Rings: Turn by turn acquisition of ring pick-ups for orbit measurement (multiplexed per ring)
- Installation of 32 additional "LHC-type" BLMs in the rings
- New power supplies for the multipoles
- New digital RF Low-Level RF System
- Installation of 4 additional modules of the Finemet Test Cavity (on ring #4 > for higher RF power)
- Civil engineering: new cable trenches and openings in wall around BI line (to prepare Linac4 cabling campaign)
- Crane renovation
- Complete alignment of the PSB rings
- New electronics for SEMgrids
- Timing system changes (MTG, timings signals, ...)
- Controls changes (~80% front-end software)
- Cable clean-up campaign
In the coming weeks, the Booster will be prepared to wake up again... invigorated!

For more detailed informations:
PSB LS1 coordination meetings:
LS1 committee meetings:
13/06/2013 14:08
PSB during LS1
23/05/2013 15:48
As everywhere in the CERN complex, the LS1 time will be fully used to check and improve the machine :
schedule planning LS1
LSC - 15th march 2013
You can find more informations on the LSC committee webpage
Follows the progress of works with LSC meeting minutes
40th anniversary of the booster !
05/10/2012 09:49
Find bellow documents linked to this evenement :

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The Booster/ISOLDE section
is responsible for the operation of the PS Booster and the On-Line Isotope Mass Separator ISOLDE.

The PS Booster is a synchrotron composed of four superimposed rings. It delivers a variety of beams for the downstream PS, SPS and LHC machines as well as high intensity beams for ISOLDE.

The section is also responsible for the specification and programming of controls software. ISOLDE delivers stable and radioactive beams for changing user groups in the fields of nuclear and atomic physics, solid-state physics, life sciences and material science.
Responsibilities of the section include target changes, setting up and delivery of stable and radioactive beam on ISOLDE's two mass separators as well as maintenance and upgrade of hardware and controls software.