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nTOF proton planning 2015 
by Rende SteerenbergNo presence information
 07/07/2015 09:12
For 2015 the nTOF proton request is: 1.9E19 pot
The 2015 forecast is: 1.7E19 pot
Planned integrated (06.07.2015): 6.64E18 pot
Measured integrated (06.07.2015): 6.06E18 pot (91% w.r.t. scheduled and 36% of total)
This is based on:
# 2015 injector...
LHC 50 ns beam tranverse emittance evolution 
by Rende SteerenbergNo presence information
 02/12/2012 19:39
Logging data from 30 July until 2 December 2012.

- On the 4th of August an improvment was found in the PSB injection matching and the PS working point.
- The sudden emittance increase that took place during the weekend of 11 and 12 August...
The BE-OP-PS section is responsible for the operation of PS, the beam lines to the experimental zones in the East Area and the nTOF facility. In order to fulfil these tasks the section always provides two persons on shift in the CCC during the period the accelerators run, one shift leader for the PS complex and one operator for the PS. The shift leader on duty is responsible for the operational safety within and the access to the PS complex accelerators and experimental zones. In addition to this the PS operations team takes care of the AD backup operation during nights and weekends in order to maximize the beam availability for the AD users. The CTF3 operation also falls under the responsibility of the PS section with one member fully dedicated to the CTF3 operation and commissioning. During nights and weekend the PS section members on shift provide backup operation for the CTF3-LINAC. The section also foresees in the machine supervision of the PS and coordinates this supervision with the other groups in the BE department that provide machine supervisors. During the periods that the PS is not in operation the members of the PS section write application software for the machine operation or provide technical support to the different groups for the shut down work 

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