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 PS machine supervisor/coordinator role and activities

  •      Act as PS machine Supervisor for 1 week out of 5 to 6 during the machine run:
  •      Expert service, meaning that the person should be reachable by phone 24-7 during his/her supervision week.
  •      It is sometimes necessary to come in outside working hours to help the operations team on shift with a serious problem.
  •      Participate in the weekly PS machine Supervisor meeting, during which the acting supervisor will change.
  •      Write at the end of the Supervision week and the PS Supervisor meeting a brief summary of the PS machine and beam status, including the problems that occurred and the solutions applied.
  •      Provide a brief executive summary of the supervision week to the OP group leader for presentation in the BEMB.
  •      Provide an oral summary of the supervision week and PS status report during the FOM.
  •      Ensure that the PS, physics and machine development, schedules are respected and determine the daily priorities.
  •      Follow up of day-to-day operation and problems during the machine supervision week
  •      Ensure with the operations teams on shift the follow up of longer term problems in close collaboration with members of the different service and equipment groups and organise when necessary interventions in the machine and/or on the equipments.
  •      Participate if possible in the machine development sessions, in particular those related to the domain related to the groups the person belongs.
  •      Represent his/her group within the PS supervisor team and vice versa.
  •      Particular responsibility for follow up of issues with, or renovation of equipments/systems for which his/her group is responsible.
  •      Propose improvements to machine operation and associated equipments and systems, leading to better machine performance and more efficient machine exploitation, in particular improvements related to his/her domain of expertise.

 PSS Calendar

There are currently no upcoming events.

 Mailing lists


be-dep-ps-supervisors --> E-mail adresses of all the PS machine supervisors.

be-dep-ps-supervisors-meetings --> E-mail adresses of all persons invited to the PSS meetings.

be-dep-ps-supervisors-minutes --> E-mail adresses for distribution of the PSS meeting minutes.


 PSS Meeting Minutes


The draft and released minutes of the PS machine supervisor meetings can be found in the CERN EDMS: