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Beams Department
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ABP - Accelerators and Beam Physics
ASR - Administration, Safety and Resources
BI - Beam Instrumentation
CO - Controls
OP - Operation
RF - Radio-Frequency
The Beams Department hosts the Groups responsible for the beam generation, acceleration, diagnostics, controls and performance optimization for the whole CERN accelerator complex.
The Beams Department is responsible for:
  • Commissioning, operation and optimization of the performance of the LHC.
  • Operational performance of the accelerators and storage rings forming the injector complex of the LHC, together with the operation of their experimental areas.
  • Continued development of the LHC injector chain to meet the needs of the LHC for both protons and ions.
  • Monitoring and first line intervention concerning the CERN general infrastructure.
    Machine and detector alignment metrology.
  • Safety aspects associated with CERN’s accelerator operations.
Other Activities
Staff from the Beams Department are involved in a number R & D activities, including:
  • Design and development for CLIC, including the demonstration of the CLIC technology in the CTF3 facility.
  • Design and machine studies for the upgrade of the LHC.
  • Design and development for the Linac4 project.
  • Design studies for the LHC injector complex upgrade including SPL and PS2.
  • Participation in EU-funded (eg. CARE, EUROTeV, EURISOL, DIRAC, & EURONS).
  • Participation in internationally-funded collaborations with non-member states.
  • Studies and developments and preparation for the LHC Ion program.
  • Other studies concerning the existing or future facilities in the CERN complex, such as Elena for the AD machine and HIE-Isolde for the Rex/Isolde complex.