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ABP - Accelerators and Beam Physics
ASR - Administration, Safety and Resources
BI - Beam Instrumentation
CO - Controls
OP - Operation
RF - Radio-Frequency
Beams Department > Projects working with the BE Department  
Projects working with the BE Department
Accelerator Consolidation ProjectNo presence informationSimon BairdLink 
HIE-ISOLDENo presence informationYacine KadiLink 
HiRadMatNo presence informationIlias EfthymiopoulosLink 
LHC Collimation ProjectNo presence informationStefano RedaelliLink 
MTE - Multi-Turn ExtractionNo presence informationMassimo GiovannozziLink 
LIU - LHC Injectors UpgradeNo presence informationMalika MeddahiLink 
HL-LHC - High Luminosity LHCNo presence informationLucio RossiLink 
Linac4No presence informationMaurizio VretenarLink 
CLIC - Compact Linear ColliderNo presence informationSteinar StapnesLink 
CTF3 - CLIC Test Facility 3No presence informationRoberto CorsiniLink 
SPL- Superconducting Proton LinacNo presence informationRoland GarobyLink 
ACCOR - CERN Accelerator Control System Renovation ProjectNo presence informationMarc Vanden EyndenLink 
R2E - Radiation To ElectronicsNo presence informationMarkus BruggerLink 
ELENA (Extra Low Energy Antiproton Ring)No presence informationChristian Carli 
SPS Light IonsNo presence informationDjango Manglunki 
AWAKE (Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield AccelerationNo presence informationEdda Gschwendtner