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  The Beam Instrumentation Group is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the instruments that allow observation of the particle beams and the measurement of related parameters for all CERN accelerators and transfer lines.
It is also engaged in research and development to improve existing detection techniques and explore new avenues to allow further optimization of the current machines and to meet the challenges associated with future accelerators.
The range of activities undertaken by the Group include: accelerator physics, detector technology, custom built electronics, mechanical and vacuum engineering for detector housings and software engineering.

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 The next BI Seminar will take place on Friday 12th June at 2.30 p.m. in conference room 774-2-058.

 Title:  Wire scanner position uncertainty - simulation and measurements

 Presenter: Juan Herranz - BE/BI

 Abstract:  In the next years the luminosity of the LHC will be significantly increased. This will require a much higher accuracy of beam profile measurement than actually achievable by the current wire scanner. The new performance demands a wire travelling speed up to 20 m.s-1 and a position measurement accuracy of the order of few micros. The vibrations of the mechanical parts of the system, and particularly the vibrations of the thin carbon wire, have been identified as the major error source of wire position uncertainty. Therefore the understanding of the wire vibrations has been given high priority for the design and operation of the new device. A new strategy to measure the wire vibrations based on the piezoresistive effect of the wire itself has been developed and applied to the PS scanner. Additionally several dynamic models have been created in order to understand the unexpected high amplitude of the wire vibrations observed in this scanner. These dynamical models, whose parameters have been validated from experimental measurements, will also serve to predict the vibration of the new design and optimize its key parameters.


Coffee will be served at 2.15 p.m.


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