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SU: Large Scale Metrology

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 Welcome to the CERN SU Section !

The SU (Large Scale Metrology) section is responsible for the metrology and alignment of the accelerators, of their associated beam transfer lines and of the detectors, for the whole CERN site.

The SU mandate includes :

  • The geodetic aspects of the reference systems and data processing algorithms, and the establishment and maintenance of geodetic reference networks,
  • The definition of the beam lines in the CERN reference frame (CCS), as well as the main layout points of the buildings and tunnels housing these beam lines,
  • The quality controls and metrological works on the beam components and detectors when the classical workshop methods cannot be applied,
  • The alignment of the elements on the beam lines,
  • The geometrical infrastructure for the detectors and their metrology for assembly on the beam lines, 
  • The as-built measurements following consecutively with the installation phases,
  • The R&D related to all these tasks for the existing and future machines and experiments and/or upgrades



  • Geodesy, data analysis and storage (SURVEY database)
  • Metrology of the beam components (quality controls, contribution to assembly works, fiducialisation)
  • Accelerators alignment (PS complex, nTOF,  SPS complex and secondary beam lines, CNGS, LEIR, LHC, Linac4, HP-SPL)
  • Micro technology and instrumentation (LHC low beta magnets, LHC upgrade, CLIC R&D, calibration facilities)
  • Metrology for detectors (CMS, Atlas, ALICE, LHCb, TOTEM, CAST, SPS areas, Compass, PS areas and secondary beam lines)


 Survey pictures from past to present !

Pictures of survey activities at CERN from 1959 to 2012 !





 TCRA1101 (CMS)

Ecartometer (LHC)

AT401 (LowBeta, LHC)





HDS6200 (CMS Cavern)

TC2002 (Compass)

Magnet levelling with NA2 (LHC) 





Camera and Aicon Software

Photogrammetry measurements (CMS)

TCRA1101 (CMS Cavern) 





 Ecartometer measurement (LHC)

LTD500 (LHC magnet fiducialisation)






 Central survey pillar of the PS (1959)

Alignment of a quadrupole magnet in
the SPS tunnel (1974)

LEP network measurement
with a Terrameter



 Announcements and last news !

 Have a look at the last news of the SU Section !

 SU section

Section leader:
Dominique Missiaen

Deputy section leader:
Helene Mainaud-Durand

Catherine Rossat
Delphine Rivoiron

Swiss postal address:
Meyrin Site, CH – 1211 CERN Geneva 23

French postal address:
Prevessin Site, F – 01631 CERN Cedex

Organisation :

AC   - Accelerator & Computing
         Responsible: Dominique Missiaen 
EM   - Experiment Metrology
         Responsible: Jean-Christophe Gayde 
MTI  - Micro Technology & Instrumentation
         Responsible: Helene Mainaud-Durand 

 Locations of SU section