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SU: Large Scale Metrology > competencies  

SU: Large Scale Metrology > competencies

The SU section has the expertise in the following domains :

 Alignment and positioning of components

Alignment and positioning of accelerator and detectors components using standard instruments like : 

  • Total stations (TDA5005, ....)


  • Optical levels (N3, Na2, DNA03, ...) 


  • Gyrotheodolites

and specific instrumentation developped at CERN such as : 

  • Ecartometer



 Experimental detectors positioning

  • Digital photogrammetry


  • Industrial surveying



 Industrial metrology

Industrial metrology, dimensional checks of large objects and fiducialisation of components using

  • the laser tracker technology


  • or the photogrammetry technique for experimental detectors




 "As built" measurement

  • using the laser scanning technology 



 Permanent monitoring of accelerator components

SU Section uses different sensor types and installations:

  • HLS (Hydrostatic Leveling Sensor)


  • WPS (Wire Position Sensor)


  • DOMS (Distance Offset Measurement Sensor)


  • BCAM technology



GPS is used mainly for geodesy matters. For example to place the Cern Coordinate System (CCS) in a global reference frame and also in the Swiss- or France Coordinates Systems, measurements with GPS are done on fix points all around the CERN areas. 


 Calibration Bench

The calibration base is air conditionned and humidity controlled. It hosts four permanent installations

  • total station distance meter calibration stand,
  • optical level calibration facility,
  • comparison bench for alignment systems,
  • control and calibration benches for LHC monitoring sensors,
  • and it provides space for temporary test installations.