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ATLAS Collaborative Tool Service > ATLAS Live > Media Day Public Site
Public site with information concerning the ATLAS facilities available during the LHC First Physics Media Day, Tuesday, 30 March 2010

 ATLAS Public & Media Hosting Sites

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Sabine Crépé ( and Aurélie Lieuvin (;
Prof. Peter Buchholz,, phone +49-271-740-3718
Andrew Daviel <>;;;;;;

 Webcast Streams

 ATLAS Special Webcast (open)
 CERN Portal to LHC Streams (open)
 ATLAS Special Webcast HQ (registered viewers)
 ATLAS Only Webcast HQ (registered viewers)
 CCC Only Webcast HQ (registered viewers)

 ATLAS Special Webcast Schedule

  • From 7:00 to 9:00, as well as for the Press Conference after collisions happen, we will show the direct feed from the CERN webcast.
  • From 9:00 on:
    • On the hour - CCC update
    • 10 minutes past the hour - ATLAS Live programming
    • For the rest of the time we will loop through the following ATLAS Outreach material:
      • Cameras from inside the ATLAS Control Room
      • Stream of online events
      • LHC Page 1
      • Image event displays also available here
      • Animated event displays
      • Series of recorded interviews with ATLAS management and project leaders
      • Other Outreach materials already available at

  • Note that the first two hours will be replayed at 16:00.