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Evian Workshops

Evian Workshops


Proceedings of the 2010 Evian workshop on LHC commissioning

19-20th January 2010

 Session Summaries

1.0 Summary of Session 1: 2009: review of LHC beam operation and models, G.Papotti

2.0 Summary of Session 2 : Beam diagnostics, L.Ponce

3.0 Summary of Session 3: Ramp & Squeeze & Adjust & Stable beam, W.Venturini

4.0 Summary of Session 4: Machine Protection systems, A.Macpherson

5.0 Summary of Session 5: Controls and operational aspects: going from commissioning to operational regime, D.Jacquet

6.0 Summary of Session 6: 2010 operation, M.Meddahi


Session 1: 2009: review of LHC beam operation and models

1.1 Review of LHC operation, M.Lamont

1.2 LHC optical model and necessary corrections, R.Tomas

1.3 Ppbar experience including beam-beam and intrabeam scattering*, L.Evans

1.4 LHC beam behaviour, W.Herr

1.5 LHC Injection and Transfer lines, M.Meddahi


Session 2 : Beam diagnostics

2.1 Orbit system, K.Fuchsberger

2.2 Tune, chromaticity, feed forward / feed back, R.Steinhagen

2.3 Beam loss monitor system, C.Zamantzas

2.4 Profile monitors, BSRA, BSRT, Injection matching monitor, T.Lefevre

2.5 Luminosity optimization, S.White


Session 3: Ramp & Squeeze & Adjust & Stable beam

3.1 Ramp: experience and issues, W.Venturini Delsolaro

3.2 Squeeze: strategy and issues, S.Redaelli

3.3 Separation and crossing scheme, minimum beta star, W.Herr

3.4 Updated magnetic model for ramp and squeeze, E.Todesco

3.5 Lessons from Physics Runs, M.Ferro-Luzzi


Session 4: Machine Protection systems

4.1 BIS - BIC – SMP, B.Todd

4.2 Collimators and beam cleaning: first results and future plans, C.Bracco

4.3 Beam Dump Systems and Abort Gap Cleaning, J.Uythoven

4.4 Injection and dump protection, W.Bartmann

4.5 Overall MP and operation and scaling to 2010, J.Wenninger


Session 5 : Controls and operational aspects: going from commissioning to operational regime

5.1 What are the weak points of LHC operation? B.Goddard

5.2 How to improve operational efficiency? R.Alemany Fernandez

5.3 Controls issues*, W.Sliwinski

5.4 RF - performance & operational issues, A.Butterworth


Session 6: 2010 operation

6.1 Requirements from the experiments, M.Ferro-Luzzi

6.2 2010 beam parameters, machine performance to be reached in 2010M.Giovannozzi

6.3 2010 commissioning plans, M.Lamont

6.4 Workshop summary, M.Lamont



*no written contribution