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 CAEC PLM Working Group




The PLM WG is launched as a sub-activity of CAEC (Computer Aided Engineering Committee), and complements the work currently done by the “Groupe d’Utilisateurs Catia-SmarTeam” (GUCS). Whereas the GUCS focuses on the needs of designers using the native Catia-SmarTeam at the CERN site, the PLM WG includes as well the needs of other users of CAE data, like project managers, engineers, physicists, outside collaborators and institutes, workshops and sub-contracting companies.


The PLM WG is to define processes needed for efficient life-cycle management of CAE data at CERN and is to coordinate the adoption, use and evolution of these processes throughout the organization.
The PLM WG ensures at CERN level the coherence and the consistency in matters related to PLM at CERN.
The PLM WG is mandated by CAEC, reports to CAEC and works in close collaboration with GUCS in PLM issues attaining to CAD tools (Catia and Smarteam).
The PLM WG will also work in close collaboration with people in charge of the Quality Assurance matters at CERN.


For sufficient coverage of the professions involved the members of the PLM WG should represent the following communities:
• Users of CAE data and CAE tools from Accelerator and Experiment domains: Project managers, engineers
• EDMS/PLM support and CAD support
The number of permanent members to the PLM WG is not predefined, but for a good efficiency should be about 4 - 6.

Initial Action List

As a first priority the focus shall be in Catia-SmarTeam data management:
• Definition of lifecycles for CAD data pertaining to products and equipments.
• Definition of roles attributed to relevant players involved in the product lifecycle.
• Access rights and release mechanisms for Catia-SmarTeam 3D and 2D design data.
• Access mechanisms to Catia-SmarTeam data from other software tools (e.g. via the web), ranging from consulting to full data exchange. Accesses both from inside and outside CERN shall be covered.
• Interfacing / integration of Catia-SmarTeam data with other relevant CERN tools, the EDMS in particular.



15/03/2012 05:33 PM








BALLY Stephane     (PH-CMX)


BAILLY Sylvain     (BE-OP)
FRIMAN Per-Olof     (GS-ASE)
GADDI Andrea     (PH-CMX)
PERINI Diego     (EN-MME)
PETIT Stephan     (GS-ASE)
TIMMINS Marc     (EN-MME)     GUCS
TRILHE Philippe     (EN-MEF)     GrACQ
VILLIGER Gilles     (EN-MME)











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