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CATHI: A Marie-Curie ITN Project


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Cathi Documents Cathi Documents    51 9 months ago
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Single Meeting Workspace CATHI Fellow Presentations for Mid-Term Review  7 months ago
SharePoint Site Cathi Meetings  7 months ago
Multiple Meeting Workspace Deadline for the submission of the Mid-Term Report and Mid-Term Questionnaires  The mid-term review takes place in two stages: - The first stage is a Mid-term report completed by the coordinator and Mid-term questionnaires completed by all fellows who are present at this stage. Please note that the Mid-term report is available in the Participant Portal and Mid-term questionnaires are accessible for all your fellows directly from SESAM link (they don't need any ECAS registration, only project number). These should be completed and submitted at least 2 weeks before the review will take place. The second stage is a one day mid-term review meeting which normally takes place at the Host institute and which is attended by REA representative and it will be attended also by an external reviewer appointed by REA. According to the grant agreement, article 7 this meeting should be attended by all project participants, including associated partners and all fellows currently present in the project. 7 months ago

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