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ACEOLE: A Marie Curie ITN Project > ACEOLE Meetings and Conferences

 Past Meetings


September 14-16th 2012. End of Project meeting in Leukerbad (CH)

August 3rd. Our Mid Term Review between all members of ACEOLE our Project Officer and an Expert from the European Commission.

August 2nd. A meeting between the Associated Partners and the Work Package Leaders

ACEOLE Training event: Design for Manufacturability & Reliability by Dr Craig Hillman (DFR Solutions) was held at CERN on Tuesday 7th June 2010.  For more details see

ACEOLE organised and ran a very successful school on Trigger and Data Acquisition in February 2010. This was an international school with lectures and hands-on training lab exercises for MS and PhD students. The web page of the school is:

The ACEOLE Twelve Month Meeting was held on Thursday 1st October. The morning session was focussed on Admin and Deliverables. The second part of the meeting was devoted to presentations by Researchers.

At the Topical Conference on Electronics in Particle Physics (TWEPP 2009), ACEOLE sponsored students and brought in three speakers for a tutorial on "FPGA Tools and Techniques for High Performance Digital Systems"

ACEOLE Training event: The Where, Why and How of Optical Access by Dr. John Mitchell (University College London) was held at CERN on Tuesday 16 June 2009 from 09:00 to 10:00.  For more details see

The 2nd ACEOLE Management Committee (PCs and WPLs) took place on Monday 8th June 2009 at CERN 

ACEOLE Training event: High speed design in a chassis environment, by Joel Goergen (Force 10) Wednesday April 29 at 9:00 in 13-2-005.

The ACEOLE Six Month Meeting took place on April 2nd 2009 at CERN. The agenda is at 

At the 17th International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP), ACEOLE funded 13 bursaries for promising young researchers and sponsored the Online Track. For more details see

The 1st ACEOLE (Six Month) Management Committee (PCs and WPLs) took place on 25th February 2009 at CERN. The presentations can be found at

The ACEOLE Kick Off meeting took place on the 2nd October 2008. All the presentations can be found on